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CAMP is changing the way we manage business of technology.

Designed for Managing 4th Generation IT. Transform IT with CAMP.

Launching Value Management Maturity Model and Assessment Service. Check it out.

Assess Your Value Management Maturity (free)


Managing Business of Technology with services portfolio.


Capability Models for anticipating and planning business advantage, and fast-tracking organizational maturity.


Pre-built heatmaps, dashboards and at-a-glance views for information you need to make fast and informed decisions.

Modern App

Available in the cloud. Touch-enabled. Configurable.

DIGITAL advantage

Be Great at Being Digital Inside and Outside by planning and managing digital IQ of the organization, people, processes and services.

RISK resilience

Secured and Continuous Business Operations by planning and managing risk posture of people, processes, information and technologies.

COMPETENCE difference

Sustained Market Leadership and High Performing Culture by planning and maturing strategic and operational business and IT Capabilities.

Dec 05
CAMP 3.0 is Here

Feature-rich release for managing business of IT. Key capabilities included in this release are:

Performance (KPI) Management

  • Define Measure Formulas and rollup KPIs
  • Additional KPI dashboard and heatmaps


  • Assessment reports with recommendations

Capability Management

  • Capability Improvement Planning
  • Objective-driven or value-driven capability assessment and planning
  • Document management
  • Question-like survey assessments

Technology Management

  • Technology disposition raodmaps
  • Search using user-defined attributes

Business Insight

  • Dashboards for Capabities, Services, Technologies and Assets
  • Metro-style home page with mix of dashboard and tasks

  Contact us for additional details and demo.