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CAMP is changing the way we manage business of technology.

Designed for Managing 4th Generation IT. Transform IT with CAMP.

Launching Value Management Maturity Model and Assessment Service. Check it out.

Assess Your Value Management Maturity (free)


Managing Business of Technology with services portfolio.


Capability Models for anticipating and planning business advantage, and fast-tracking organizational maturity.


Pre-built heatmaps, dashboards and at-a-glance views for information you need to make fast and informed decisions.

Modern App

Available in the cloud. Touch-enabled. Configurable.

DIGITAL advantage

Be Great at Being Digital Inside and Outside by planning and managing digital IQ of the organization, people, processes and services.

RISK resilience

Secured and Continuous Business Operations by planning and managing risk posture of people, processes, information and technologies.

COMPETENCE difference

Sustained Market Leadership and High Performing Culture by planning and maturing strategic and operational business and IT Capabilities.

Value Selling and Realization Council

Build Value Culture and Fast-track Organizational Maturity

We have it covered with capability maps to learn and define value posture, a platform to manage the organizational change, and services to help assess, plan and manage capabilities.

Value Management Maturity Model from VSR Council is a capability model for solution providers for assessing and improving their organizational capabilities in value selling, enablement and realization. Mitovia has worked very closely with the council and has been a key contributor in the development of the model.

IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) from Innovation Value Institute is an IT management framework, providing an overarching model for organizing, planning and managing IT capabilities for on-going business value. Mitovia is a major contributor and a certified IT-CMF trainer and assessor.

Value Management Maturity Model for Solution Providers

Value Management Maturity Model for Solution Providers

Check out the model and assess your current maturity at no charge.

Assess Your Value Management Maturity (free)

Value Management Maturity Model is a set of organizational capabilities and practices that maximize and realize outcomes from investments in people, process and technology by embedding the value fabric across the organization, customers and partners.

VSR Council has developed a Value Management Maturity Model for Technology and Solution (Service) Providers. Using this model along with the transformation platform from Mitovia, any service provider can start and manage the journey of transforming the organization from a Product/Feature/Price-centric selling to a Partnership/Customer/Outcome-centric value delivery organization.

By using Value Management Maturity Model and CAMP tranformation platform, service provider organizations can:

  • Identify and prioritize gaps that are constraining customer loyalty and business growth.
  • Develop clear roadmaps for improvement, execution and tracking value mindset.
  • Incorporate continuous improvement into the organization.
  • Identify and address skill gaps through training and accountability.
  • Embed a value selling, enablement and realization in performance management.
Value Management Maturity Model

CAMP Transformation Platform

Solution for Planning and Managing Value Culture

CAMP solution from Mitovia brings the Value Management body of knowledge along with the ability to personalize and integrate the model, to assess current capabilities and plan the next state, and to monitor the progress.
Capability Model

Accelerate organizational maturity and planning with complete access to value Management and IT-CMF capability maturity model and practices.

Capability Maturity Gap vs Importance

Assess and communicate gap between current and desired maturity levels. Prioritize based on importance. Slice and dice the area of interest, and identify enabling practices.

Capability Roadmap

Develop multi-year roadmap of improving value management capabilities. Develop detailed plans and monitor progress against the plan.

Comparative Positioning and Benchmark

Compare and contrast capability maturity across different stakeholders within the organization or across the industry segments.

With Body of Knowldege, CAMP transformation platform and efficient services, Mitovia can help you assess your organizational capabilities, identify best practices, recognize dependencies, develop plans, and monitor progress.

Contact us for more details.